Mercedes-Benz introduces WebEx meetings in the new E-Class sedans for enhanced connectivity

Mercedes-Benz introduces WebEx meetings in the new E-Class sedans for enhanced connectivity

Earlier this month, Mercedes-Benz provided a closer look at the inside of its new E-Class cars and sophisticated dashboard. So far, the automobile seems to be in good condition! It has an electric engine and plenty of technology, including compatibility for Level 3 autonomous driving and a slew of applications for which you must pay extra. The vehicle also seems to be a pleasant mode of transportation. Possibly so comfy that you’d want to convert your automobile into a mobile office.

If this is the case, you’re in luck. Mercedes-Benz has partnered with Cisco to equip the new E-Class with Webex Meetings and Calls, as well as Webex AI audio capabilities – everything a busy worker needs to never be alone. They announced the alliance at the E-Class event last week and will unveil further information during Mobile World Congress. “Our collaboration will let individuals get work done in their automobiles safely, securely, and pleasantly,” the firms stated in a news statement. It seems to be preferable than working in the office, at home, or at a coffee shop.

If you really must attend a conference while driving, which is thankfully a very uncommon occurrence, the firms promise to provide “best-in-class noise reduction” owing to Webex’s audio intelligence technology. Until you’re parked, meetings and calls are audio-only unless you have access to video meetings, AI-powered transcription, content sharing tools, and emoji replies. There will be a Webex app available in the Mercedes-Benz Vehicle App Store, and thanks to the built-in WiFi and cellular data connection, you won’t need your phone to join a conference. I’m sure that’s the personification of living the dream for someone.

To be honest, there are certain situations where Webex in the automobile makes sense. Mercedes and Cisco mentioned that an architect may need to check in with their colleagues shortly after leaving a work site, while someone may need to attend a conference immediately after dropping off their children at school. Cars are undoubtedly used for conference calls.

This isn’t the first time a meeting app has infiltrated a vehicle. Webex and Microsoft Teams currently support CarPlay. Webex is also available in select Ford vehicles. If you really want to enjoy Webex meetings at the wheel of a 2023 E-Class, you’ll be happy to know that you’ll be able to do so when the sedans visit showrooms in the spring.