Mazda set to unveil the CX-70 on January 30th

Mazda set to unveil the CX-70 on January 30th

Mazda has been expanding its SUV lineup, and their next addition is just around the corner. I know you crossover fans have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new CX-70. Well, the wait is almost over!

After a bit of a delay, Mazda finally announced that the two-row CX-70 will make its big debut on January 30th at 11am EST. I’m excited to see it myself, since they’ve kept prototypes under wraps until now. My guess is that it looks pretty similar to its three-row sibling, the CX-90 that came out last year. Mazda did say it would have the same body as the CX-90, just with two rows instead of three to allow for more cargo space.

Even though we haven’t seen it yet, details from Mazda and filings with CARB confirm it will share powertrain options with the CX-90. That means you’ll be able to get it with either a turbocharged 3.3L inline-six (340hp or 280hp versions) or a 2.5L four-cylinder hybrid making 323hp. Both come paired with an 8-speed auto and AWD.

I expect pricing to be in the same ballpark as the CX-90 too. That SUV starts at about $40k and goes up to around $50k for the plug-in hybrid model. With just two rows but the same space and power, the CX-70 sounds like it could be a great option for folks who like what the CX-90 offers but don’t need the third row.

Only a few more weeks until the new Mazda makes its debut! I don’t know about you, but I’m excited to see what they’ve put together. The CX-90 was impressive, so I have high hopes for its little sibling.