Max Verstappen 'lucky to walk away' after crash almost ended Red Bull's winning streak

Max Verstappen ‘lucky to walk away’ after crash almost ended Red Bull’s winning streak

Max Verstappen’s quest for a fourth consecutive victory in the 2023 Formula 1 season was almost derailed by a heart-stopping moment during the Canadian Grand Prix. The incident, involving a sausage kerb that led to George Russell’s crash, threatened to end Verstappen’s winning streak and jeopardize Red Bull’s pursuit of success.

Having dominated the race from start to finish, Verstappen seemed destined to claim another triumph as he led every lap from his pole position. However, in a rare lapse of concentration or a misjudgment of the circuit, the Dutch driver found himself in a precarious situation when he encountered the notorious sausage kerb at the Turn 8/9 chicane.