Blackberry, the brand of wireless handheld devices and services developed by the Canadian telecommunications company Research In Motion (RIM), will be rolling out its newest Blackberry 10 Hub and will be available for consumers by the end of this month. TracyandMatt Team has been able to spread the news of the new BB model phone that aims to unify many smartphone functions. The priority is to streamline management of phone messages with social media correspondences, as well as emails via phone. This type of unified management has been a demand of many gadget users and online denizens alike.


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Following this innovation, is Blackberry. In a blog article by UK tech junkies and reviewers TracyandMatt, Blackberry 10 Hub will be featuring a single management system not only for your phone message inbox but also messages from your BBM, and even messages and notifications from your social media. In their Blackberry Blog, the popular smartphone brand will be satisfying consumer demands of having a unified inbox on the BlackBerry smartphone which will make life easy for you. More than phone messaging, social media has increased in popularity in usage. In fact, sites like Facebook and Twitter have been used as general modes of communications for many users either through their desktops, laptops, phones, or tablets. The new BB series simplifies the way you manage your email accounts, Twitter feeds, Facebook updates and more. The said unification feature gets even better with the new BlackBerry 10 smartphone series. The series is said to feature an interface that allows you to flow seamlessly between work and personal use.

Blackberry is certainly making sure to go beyond what has been established by the iOS and Android gadgets. Despite the numerous app updates coming in from Google and Apple, BB is certainly not getting left behind. They are making sure they are going, not just with the trend, but also to start a new one. We’ll be seeing the new Blackberry 10 series by the end of January. This is really something one can look forward to this year.