Google Drive i.e cloud service similar to dropbox from Google is expected to be launched next week.When more and more cloud service providers do come with free storage ranging from 2GB to 25GB of space its worth considering cloud services as more and more services will be integrated in the cloud.
Personally I use most of the cloud services like drop box, and pretty excited about the upcoming Google drive ,one issue having many cloud services is you have to login to each of the services either on the web or on an app and that’s time consuming and searching for a particular file is really a tough task.Thankfully we have Otixo ! The concept is simple the service will help you manage your cloud accounts from one place.

Manage many cloud services with a single login .
Here are the easy steps…
1. Create an account with Otixo and confirm your email address with the verification link
2. Login and add the cloud services you have.

add a cloud service
This is primarily a web-based service. To get the desktop app which is currently in beta refer the article here. Otixo currently supports Drop box, Amazon S3, Google Docs,skydrive, Apple iCloud, and personal FTP accounts and there will be more services added to the list in the future.A great service and for personal use there is 250MB bandwidth of free usage the shortcoming is there is no Android or iOS Apps for mobile users .