Its seems the worst has happened my Gmail has lost access to all my mails before March 2011, After going through the Gmail help forums it seems i am not the only one there are many especially during the period September 2011 till date cant figure out what has caused this but using the Gmail help form was useless as i got a lame reply from the support team.(pic below) and the so-called investigation was done within less than a minute 🙁 that’s the time i took use to send them an  email  and i got the reply in 30 Seconds.


A simple search on Google search using the term “disappearing emails Gmail” just reveals there are many users who are facing this issue and sadly there seems no solution for it. One of the users in Google mail help forum also blames that the issue of disappearing emails started after switching to the new Gmail interface. Not a solution till now as we are still evaluating the culprit behind this including the security checks as prescribed by Gmail.

Any help/Fix/support will highly be appreciated for this issue .