Macan EV Set to Debut on January 25th

Macan EV Set to Debut on January 25th

After months of teasers and speculation, the wait is finally over – Porsche is unveiling its all-electric Macan EV on January 25th. The iconic sports car maker discretely announced the date on its website without additional details. But between official previews and leaked information, the next-generation Macan has already revealed most of its secrets.

The biggest question looming over the launch is whether Porsche will sell the electric variant alongside gas-powered Macans in the European Union. Rumor has it tightening 2023 emissions regulations may force the automaker to drop conventional Macan models entirely in EU countries.


Macan EV


If true, European customers will be stuck with the Macan EV whether ready or not. But there will be plenty to embrace in the electric overhaul. Two permanent magnet synchronous motors will enable a sporty 603 horsepower and 738 lb-ft of torque. The Macan EV also promises leading-edge chassis technology courtesy of Porsche’s Premium Platform Electric architecture co-developed with Audi.

On the spec sheet fans can expect all-wheel drive, air suspension, rear-wheel steering, adaptive dampers with two valves each, and more – adding up to a driving experience as rewarding as what Porsche is known for. The 100 kWh battery aims to balance range and weight, with 270 kW charging to offset stop times. Compared to today’s Macan, the EV will also wear wider, staggered performance tires.

In many ways the Macan EV sounds like the best of both worlds – silent, instant electric torque paired with the dynamics Porsche drivers covet. No longer will EU emissions constrain engine options either. So while bittersweet for some, the electric-exclusive Macan could ultimately be the perfect sign of the times.