Logitech's latest camera has a handy privacy shutter

Logitech’s latest camera has a handy privacy shutter

The Brio 500 from Logitech is a new camera with a tiny design that has a nicely integrated physical privacy shutter and a “Show Mode” that broadcasts what’s on your desk. It has the same 1080p resolution as Logitech’s old C920 camera, rather than 4K. It will be available for $129 this month, accompanying a new Bluetooth headset dubbed the Zone Vibe 100, which will cost $99.99.

The Brio 500 is cylindrical in shape, with a 4-megapixel camera flanked by a pair of beamforming microphones meant to decrease background noise during phone conversations. The privacy shutter design is sleek, and it can be deactivated by twisting a dial on the right side of the camera.