LG's most recent display can be stretched by 20%

LG’s most recent display can be stretched by 20%

LG Display has revealed the development of a 12-inch flexible display that can be expanded to 14 inches in size. The displays might one day be employed in materials with uneven surfaces, such as clothing and wearables, to show messages on first responder uniforms, for example.

Stretchable displays, also known as free-form displays by LG Display, maybe tugged, stretched, and twisted. They go beyond the flexible screens seen in Samsung’s Galaxy Fold and other smartphones, which can be folded and twisted but not stretched.

LG Display created the foundation substrate material from silicon comparable to that used in contact lenses to make the display so stretchable. It also uses micro-LEDs with a diameter of fewer than 40 micrometres as the light source, providing for exceptional resolution and endurance. Finally, to handle bending and folding, the business developed circuits designed like springs.

Stretchable screens had been seen before by Samsung and others, but the most you could accomplish with them was make a little scratch in them. This one looks to go considerably further, demonstrating the possibility of screens with true wearable capability. LG Display has been collaborating on the technology since 2020, and the study is projected to be completed in 2024.

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