LG's DukeBox Blends Vintage Vibes with Future Tech

LG’s DukeBox Blends Vintage Vibes with Future Tech

CES 2024 is fast approaching, and LG is already unveiling some wonderfully weird gadgets they’ll showcase in Las Vegas. These early announcements offer a sneak peek of what’s to come when the tech extravaganza kicks off next week.

One standout is the newly-announced DukeBox by LG Labs, which blends vintage vacuum tube audio tech that’s over 100 years old with a state-of-the-art transparent OLED display panel. Vacuum tubes produce a beloved warm, rich sound quality that makes music feel live. The DukeBox pumps this analog audio through bottom front-facing and 360-degree top speakers surrounding the visible vacuum tubes, which create a retro look. The see-through OLED screen has adjustable transparency levels.

This fusion of old and new is reminiscent of a classic jukebox but more versatility. While optimized for audio, the DukeBox can also display video content or even simulated fireplace visuals with the tubes providing a unique fiery backdrop.

LG says its expanded CES Labs exhibit space will showcase more forward-thinking prototypes. Other just-revealed products include a two-legged AI robot, AI-powered laptops, and a portable 4K projector with advanced mapping and a crank-shaped handle.

Specific pricing and availability details remain unclear for now. LG likely plans to reveal more during their scheduled CES 2024 press conference. But they have a history of trickling out announcements in the run-up instead.

In any case, next week’s big tech showcase will offer hands-on impressions and more concrete release information. For now, LG’s early reveals provide a compelling if quirky glimpse of innovations on the horizon across consumer tech. Whether vintage or futuristic, the DukeBox exemplifies the experimental ethos of CES gadgets.