LG's 2023 OLED TVs will be available in late March, with prices beginning at $1,299 USD

LG’s 2023 OLED TVs will be available in late March, with prices beginning at $1,299 USD

LG has released price information for their 2023 OLED Televisions, just as they are set to delivery. The flagship G3 and mainstream C3 versions (above) are now scheduled to arrive in late March, with pre-orders beginning on March 6th. The C3 begins at $1,299 for a relatively small 42-inch screen and goes up to $5,299 for a massive 83-inch set. The G3 starts at $2,499 for a 55-inch screen and goes up to $6,499 for an 83-inch model.

The entry-level B3 series will not be available until April. The price ranges from $1,699 for a 55-inch TV to $3,299 for a 77-inch set. LG said pricing for the wireless M3 and transparent OLED T will be announced: “at a later date.”

As we previously said in January, the G3 will get the biggest updates this year. It provides up to a 70% brighter image thanks to a booster function, and its revolutionary zero-gap design aids in-wall installation. It also has an a9 Gen 6 CPU with better picture rendering and audio processing, as well as compatibility for synchronising the output of the built-in speakers with contemporary LG soundbars.

The C3 benefits from the a9 Gen 6 processor, although it’s a little increase over last year’s C2. Yet, it may be a better buy than the B3, especially in the intermediate “sweet spot” sizes. The $2,499 65-inch C3 costs just $100 more than a B3 comparable with a poorer chipset (the a7 Gen 6) So you may as well invest the extra money for a longer-lasting set.

It’s unclear if LG’s lineup will fair well against the Samsung S95C. Samsung’s display is marginally brighter than LG’s and has a gaming-friendly refresh rate of 144Hz. However, only the 77-inch S95C is now available, while LG offers both Dolby Vision HDR compatibility (Samsung still sticks to HDR10+) as well as a larger range of sizes and performance levels.

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