LG Unveils Two-Legged AI Robot – Your Pet's New Watchful Companion

LG Unveils Two-Legged AI Robot – Your Pet’s New Watchful Companion


LG says the bot can analyze human emotions based on voice tones and facial expressions. It can then play music to brighten your mood or help you unwind at night. While an articulated lower half allows it to physically “emote” with cute postures, this may ultimately serve no practical use.

With an integrated camera, speaker, and array of sensors, the robot can measure indoor conditions like air quality and temperature. However, LG has not confirmed if it connects to other smart home devices to provide any environmental control. Features like pet monitoring notify you of unusual activity when away, essentially serving as a mobile security guard. It can also let you know if you fail to turn off lights or appliances.

While LG has piqued significant interest in this engaging home assistance robot, details remain scarce on what AI capabilities it will actually ship with. There is no set launch date or pricing available yet either. But the bot marks an ambitious step toward multi-functional robotics integrating themselves into daily domestic life.