LG set to debut an ultra fast 480Hz OLED display panel for gaming at CES

Following Samsung’s announcement of three new Odyssey gaming displays, traditional rivals LG have also made an announcement of their own. At the upcoming CES 2024 event, the tech giant will be debuting its very own 480Hz OLED display panel built specially for gaming. However, the catch here is that while Samsung announced the display as a whole, LG has announced a panel which it will sell to other brands who are keen on making professional gaming displays.

Last year, LG focussed on 240Hz displays, so this year’s 480 Hz upgrade is definitely a huge step up. The panel will also feature a resolution of 2560×1440 pixels, which is classified as QHD, while the response time is tipped at 0.03s. LG has claimed that their new panel will be the quickest in the market and a game changer.