LG Display Leads OLED Race for Apple's 2024 iPad Pro Over Samsung, Insider Reveals

LG Display Leads OLED Race for Apple’s 2024 iPad Pro Over Samsung, Insider Reveals

Exciting insider info from South Korea’s yeux1122 spills the beans on LG Display (LGD) taking the lead over Samsung Display in supplying those snazzy OLED screens for Apple’s hotly anticipated new iPad Pro. Word on the street is that LGD is all set to kick off the mass production of OLED screens come February 2024, with an impressive annual output ranging between 6.2 to 6.5 million screens.

Now, here’s the real scoop – Apple’s current iPad Pro series rocks LCD and mini-LED displays, but the grapevine is buzzing about a switch to OLED tech in 2024. According to the leak, LGD is stealing the show with a two-stack tandem structure and top-notch supply of organic material devices, putting Samsung in the shade.

Samsung had its fair share of hiccups in the supply game, but hey, they’ve reportedly ironed out most of the kinks. Still, the gossip mill predicts Samsung’s supply to hover around the 4 million screen mark, trailing behind the LGD juggernaut.

Sources spill the tea that Apple started hobnobbing with big shots Samsung and LGD about the OLED iPad Pro plan a good 2-3 years ago, with LGD’s supply volume poised to outshine Samsung’s.

As for the nitty-gritty of the upcoming OLED iPad Pro models, expect a smidgeon bigger screen at 11 inches and 13 inches. The Wi-Fi and 5G variants are keeping it incognito with the codenames J717, J718, J720, and J721.

Now, brace yourselves for this – whispers say the 2024 iPad Pro might just hop on the MagSafe wireless charging bandwagon. Picture this: a prototype flaunting a glass Apple logo on the back, while the rest stays true to aluminum. That’s right, folks – power transmission through the glass logo without skimping on the iPad’s rugged charm.