LEAP23 Shatters Records with 172,000 Attendees, Becomes World's Largest Technology Event"

LEAP23 Shatters Records with 172,000 Attendees, Becomes World’s Largest Technology Event”

LEAP23, the technology event in Saudi Arabia, has confirmed 172,000 attendees, making it the largest technology event in the world by attendance. The next edition, LEAP24, will move to a new location with a 120,000 square meter capacity, allowing it to double in floor size and cater to even more innovative technologies, digital entrepreneurs, tech startups, and guest speakers. The event is powered by the Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Communications and Information Technology and Tahaluf, a joint venture between Informa PLC and SAFCSP. With more than 300,000 visitor registrations from over 100 countries, LEAP23 saw on-event transactions exceed $9 billion, a 32% year-on-year increase. The event has injected fresh foreign direct investment into Saudi Arabia’s rapidly evolving digital ecosystems and startup economy. According to Michael Champion, head of Tahaluf, there is no limit to the event’s or the nation’s ambition as technology investment, adoption, innovation, and entrepreneurship are key pillars in the Kingdom’s economic diversification strategy.