Leaked iPhone 16 Component Suggests New Camera Design on the Horizon

Leaked iPhone 16 Component Suggests New Camera Design on the Horizon

Can you believe we’re already talking iPhone 16 rumors? I know, it feels SO far away, but Apple’s next flagship could launch as early as September 2024 – just 7 months from now!

Early leaks suggest a potential redesign for the rear camera module. Schematics show the lenses stacked vertically, reminiscent of the iPhone 12’s layout from 2020. Recent iPhone 15 models arranged cameras diagonally, but going vertical aligns with rumored larger sensors coming to iPhone 16 Pros.

These leaks corroborate earlier dummy unit renders also showing vertical cameras. Between the two, strong signs point to this being Apple’s direction.

As for other iPhone 16 speculation, both the standard and Pro Max models should pack bigger batteries. Unfortunately the iPhone 16 Plus may see capacity shrink. No surprises – we’ll see the usual performance upgrades generation over generation.

But some exciting rumors point to a new physical Capture button to improve photo/video shooting. Neat!

On the software side, iOS 18 promises major AI integration, fitting the overarching tech trend. I can’t wait to test drive those intelligent camera capabilities!

We’ll hear more iPhone 16 gossip as September unveils inch closer. For now, mark your 2024 calendars for the likeliest launch timeframe. Between snazzy new rear camera arrays and AI photography tools, the iPhone 16 already sounds jam packed with goodness! Those annual upgrades still excite me – how about you?