Leading financial platform Al Eqtisadiah relaunches with new digital products, content and website

Leading financial platform Al Eqtisadiah relaunches with new digital products, content and website

Al Eqtisadiah, a leading economic and financial newspaper, has announced the launch of its new digital products and revamped website. With these new offerings, the newspaper aims to reach a younger generation of digitally connected readers.

This launch follows SRMG’s January announcement aimed at accelerating the Group’s transformation and growth strategy by adopting a fully digital approach for several flagship publications, including Al Eqtisadiah. The objective is to ensure that Al Eqtisadiah maintains its position as a leading provider of insightful, high-quality analysis of local, regional and global business and economic news and events.

Established in 1992, Al Eqtisadiah is the premier destination for comprehensive coverage and insights into consumer and financial trends, as well as economic developments. It offers valuable perspectives on investments and uncovers the intersection of social and economic issues, revealing their impact on communities.

Today’s announcement enhances audience accessibility to Al Eqtisadiah’s coverage and reporting. Its new platform integrates content on the economy and capital markets, enriched with indexes, infographics and motion graphics, utilising the latest digital media technologies. It also features a simplified navigation system with new categories structured around the industries driving regional growth and diversification, such as tech, energy, tourism, real estate and sports. Additionally, a dedicated ‘multimedia’ section provides visual and data-driven storytelling with videos and images, enhancing discoverability and user experience.

SRMG has created seamless cross-platform integrations among its brands, enhancing the dissemination of quality content to audiences and increasing efficiency in the newsroom. As part of this launch, Al Eqtisadiah will collaborate with Asharq Business with Bloomberg to deliver extensive financial and economic content, analysis and market data.

Mohammed Al-Bishi, Acting Editor-in-Chief of Al Eqtisadiah commented: “This announcement marks an important step in our journey to engage with a new generation of readers by providing top-tier content across digital platforms. Al Eqtisadiah has long been recognised for our dedication to delivering insightful, in-depth analysis of global business and economic news. Now, with our new digital products and website, and by harnessing new technologies, we can seamlessly deliver our content to audiences worldwide, more efficiently than ever before. We have ambitious plans that are already in the pipeline. We are determined to keep pace and set new trends in the rapidly changing media landscape.”

Al Eqtisadiah’s new website is now live and can be accessed at www.aleqt.com. Discover its new digital products and formats by exploring its special coverage of the World Economic Forum’s Special Meeting in Riyadh this week.