Lando Norris Exposes McLaren's Critical Weakness with Bold Set-Up Choice - What's the Impact?

Lando Norris Exposes McLaren’s Critical Weakness with Bold Set-Up Choice – What’s the Impact?

Lando Norris has revealed that his choice of a high-downforce rear wing for the Belgian Grand Prix is costing him as much as eight tenths of a second per lap on straights alone at Spa this weekend. The McLaren driver and his teammate Oscar Piastri have taken different car setup approaches, with Piastri opting for a low-downforce rear wing, while Norris went with more rear downforce.

While the high-downforce setup provides better performance through the corners, Norris is concerned about the significant impact it could have on his top speed, potentially putting him at a disadvantage in the race. During qualifying on Friday, Norris was beaten by Piastri, and the trend continued in the Saturday Sprint at Spa, where Piastri secured a fine second-place finish behind Max Verstappen.