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Kim Jong Un reveals 2024 military plans with focus on spy satellites, drones, and nuclear arsenal expansion

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is charging into 2024 with plans to grow his nuclear arsenal and military might.

At a recent meeting, Jong Un outlined his 2024 resolution – more spy satellites, drones, and yes, nukes. After a “fruitful” 2023 of missile tests and cementing North Korea’s nuclear status.

Jong Un accused the U.S. of posing military threats and ordered his forces to maintain “overwhelming war response capability.” That includes having nukes ready for “emergency” use against South Korea, he said per state media.

Estimates of North Korea’s nuke stockpile range from 20-30 to over 100 bombs. While it likely still has tech challenges for nuclear ICBMs, its shorter-range nukes threaten South Korea and Japan.

Jong Un said war could break out “at any time” from “reckless” enemies. Recently, the U.S. deployed a nuclear sub to South Korea and flew bombers over the peninsula – moves Pyongyang sees as “nuclear provocations.”

At the meeting, Jong Un said he’s done seeking reconciliation with Seoul – relations are at a new low after his 2022 spy satellite launch. Instead, he vowed to “thoroughly annihilate” the U.S. and South Korea if provoked.

Jong Un ordered plans to reorient departments handling South Korean affairs, per France24. An expert said the rhetoric hides North Korea’s economic woes and is meant to project military might.

Pyongyang declared itself a nuclear power last year and insists it’ll never denuke, calling nukes essential for regime survival. The UN has urged North Korea for years to cease its nuclear and missile programs.

But Jong Un seems determined to push forward. By touting more spy satellites and arms in 2024, he’s signaling North Korea will keep building up its nuclear deterrent, regardless of sanctions. The unpredictable leader now has even more leverage to coerce the world.