Keeper can now automatically change up your passwords

Keeper Security, renowned for its password manager software, has unveiled a new feature called Password Rotation, designed to enable organizations to automatically change their credentials across multiple services. This latest addition is part of Keeper’s Privileged Access Management (PAM) product, known as KeeperPAM, which offers a comprehensive platform for enterprise-grade password, secrets, and connection management.

The Password Rotation feature encompasses various account types, including Active Directory service accounts, Azure AD accounts, and AWS IAM accounts. It also covers SSH keys, passwords for Windows, Linux, and Mac users, as well as database passwords and more. This all-inclusive approach ensures that organizations can proactively maintain strong security measures across their infrastructure.

According to Keeper Security, the development of KeeperPAM and its Password Rotation feature was driven by the increasing demand for modern and user-friendly cybersecurity solutions. The company conducted its own survey, revealing that a staggering 92% of IT and security leaders who did not fully implement traditional PAM solutions cited complexity as a major obstacle.

What sets Password Rotation apart from similar features offered by other PAM solutions is its cloud-based vault and admin console interface, accessible through Keeper Gateway. This lightweight service can be installed on both on-premises and cloud environments, eliminating the need for firewall changes. Keeper’s multi-cloud routing infrastructure ensures seamless management and effortless rotation of credentials.

Craig Lurey, CTO and co-founder of Keeper Security, highlighted the importance of regularly updating administrative passwords to mitigate the risk of password-based breaches and cyberattacks. He emphasized that traditional PAM tools with password rotation capabilities are often expensive and complex, leaving organizations vulnerable. With Password Rotation, Keeper Security aims to provide an affordable, modern, and elegant solution that safeguards every user and device within an organization.

Password Rotation empowers users to automatically rotate credentials for machines, service accounts, and user accounts throughout their infrastructure. The rotations can be scheduled to occur at any time or initiated on-demand. All credentials are securely stored in the Keeper Vault, ensuring controlled access and comprehensive auditing capabilities.

Additionally, post-rotation actions, such as service restarts or running specific applications, can be performed as needed. All activities are logged in Keeper’s Advanced Reporting and Alerts Module (ARAM) and can be integrated with third-party Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) providers. Compliance reporting for shared privileged accounts is also supported.

Password Rotation in KeeperPAM is available through various interfaces, including the web vault, Windows, Mac, and Linux desktop apps, as well as the admin console. Administrators can manage rotations for both users and records, create gateways, configure cloud environments, and enforce least-privilege access. KeeperPAM employs a zero-knowledge and zero-trust architecture, ensuring data encryption and decryption at the local device level, further enhancing security and privacy.