Jet Suit Showdown: Dubai to Host Thrilling First-Ever Race in the Skies

Jet Suit Showdown: Dubai to Host Thrilling First-Ever Race in the Skies

Forget planes – jet suits are about to take flight in an epic new race announced in Dubai! The city is hosting the world’s first ever jet suit competition, with daredevils from around the globe zipping through the skies in souped-up suits.

The Dubai Sports Council dreamed up this wild event along with Gravity Industries, makers of the futuristic tech. Jet packs are so last century – these bad boys sport arms and legs for maximum maneuverability as racers soar to speeds over 50mph.

Set for February 2024, the race already has over 50 competitors signed up. But all eyes are on local hero Ahmed Al Shehhi as the lone Emirati in the mix. He’s training hard in the UK to represent Dubai in the historic contest.

The race course runs between Dubai Harbor and Skydive Dubai. Special jet suits are designed to keep racers safe, with drowning protection and extra buoyancy for any water mishaps. Safety first when you’re rocketing through the air at breakneck speed!



The announcement event gave a taste of the excitement to come. Three jet-suited pilots flew over the Dubai Fountain by the Burj Khalifa as the crowd watched in awe. What a preview of the daring feats ahead!

Sheikh Mansoor bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum hailed the race as the start of a new era in aerial sports. It represents Dubai’s drive to push boundaries and redefine what’s humanly possible.

The city’s iconic skyline and waterfront vistas provide a perfect high-flying canvas. Gravity Industries founder Richard Browning dreams of fusing speed, accuracy and cutting-edge tech into a motorsport for the 21st century.

So get ready for a showstopper as jet-suited racers compete head-to-head in a choreographed air ballet. It’s sure to be a spectacle capturing the city’s spirit of ambition and innovation.