Jabra Sport Pulse Review

Jabra Sport Pulse Review

The earpieces can be paired up with the Jabra sports app available on iOS & Android. It’s able to record statistics like the calorie count, pace, distance, maps and splits. Along with these, the heart rate monitoring is a great addition. Usefull voice prompts during your fitness workout is another great addition, There are plenty of free training available on your phone which would give you that extra push to reach your everyday goal. You’ll be able to launch your music within the application and don’t worry, your voice updates will always be online.

App screen shots

Connectivity through Bluetooth & NFC ,IP55 drop, dirt and temperature tested & Jabra sport pulse app available in iOS & Android.

Overall Jabra Sport Pulse just killed the competition in wearable fitness devices segment with an all in one premium headphone + fitness tracking device a new segment for others to follow and a new benchmark to beat in quality.

On the whole Sports Pulse gives out a rich audio with amazing bass and good volume. This is important even though this is a sports earbuds.