Jabra Eclipse Review

Jabra Eclipse Review

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When it comes to bluetooth headsets, what customers are usually in for is superior performance and an equally compelling design. Jabra, one of the bigger players in the headset game, have been putting out consistently high quality bluetooth devices for a while now, and with their ‘stone’ lineup of devices, they tried to take things a bit further, only to cause a minor speed bump for themselves.

While the design of the Jabra Eclipse is great, its the performance sector, where the device is left wanting. Lets get right into the review and see exactly what we have on our hands here.

From the design point of view, the Jabra Eclipse is one of the most beautifully designed devices in the market. With an egg shaped main body, that nestles comfortably in your ears, to the standalone black eartip with a 1.75 inch angled boom, the Jabra Eclipse truly has all the makings of an elegant headset, although the people favoring the earhook design will have to look elsewhere. The headset comes with a case in which it can be placed and charged simultaneously. On its own, the case holds two full charges for the headset, and the device itself gives you  close to 4 hours of continuous usage on a single charge.

Jabra Eclipse Review

The Jabra assist app lets users monitor the battery usage and also helps find your device if you have misplaced it. It does so by showing you the last known location of the same, and if the device is somewhere within the bluetooth range, it causes the headset to beep. So far so good. Lets move on to the performance.

Jabra Eclipse Review

As I mentioned earlier, the Jabra Eclipse does come with a few hicks in terms of the performance. When it comes to the in car performance, the Jabra Eclipse does a terrific job. But once again, there are constraints. The phone must be in clear line of sight preferably without any obstacles. You will also notice a significant drop in voice quality if you place your phone in your pocket or across your body. The absence of significant outbound noise cancellation doesn’t not do any favors to the device performance in crowded conditions and this can sometimes lead to very frustrating outdoor trips.

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Jabra Eclipse Review

Another feature that needs refining is the controls. The Jabra Eclipse allows you to ignore or answer calls or even initiate the voice dialing system, by tapping or double tapping the device. The only problem though, is that no one really knows where exactly on the device you are supposed to tap to get the desired result. Physical buttons would have been a better alternative. If jabra wanted to go forward with the tap routine however, they could have maybe changed the texture of the area where the user is supposed to tap. This would have made things infinitely easier.

Coming to the range of the Jabra Eclipse, I must say its not too good or bad. Transmissions start fading at 30 feet, and completely disappear at around 50 feet.

All in all, the Jabra Eclipse doesnt really hit the ball  out of the park this time around, and I must say, that while they do have a stunning design going for them, they should look into the performance area a bit more. For now, this is a device you would want if you really are a Jabra fanboy. If its practicality you seek, you are better off elsewhere. Jabra storm is a better device with  better battery life and with noise reduction plus superior call quality.

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