It looks like the Apple M3 Pro is not as fast as the M3 Max, according to benchmarks atleast

Apple has been making waves with their new M3 family of processors, with users showering high praise for the work Apple has done, to bring such a quality high-performance chipsets in just three iterations. However, benchmark scores for the M3 Pro chipset, reveals that in terms of sheer performance, it may not be a significant upgrade over its predecessor, the M2 Pro.

We looked at the benchmark scores and what we noticed is that while the M3 Pro is almost 14% faster than the M2 Pro in single core performance, it is only 6% faster in multi core performance. While it not be a huge difference, it’s still the bare minimum when it comes to generational chipset upgrades. Anything lower would have been a red flag. The M3 Pro obviously benefits from the new architecture and 3nm process that has been employes in its manufacturing, it has 12 cores which are split into 6 performance cores and 6 efficiency cores. The M2 Pro on the other hand, also has 12 cores, but they are split as 8 performance cores and 4 efficiency cores, allowing it to claw back the deficit to its newer sibling.