Is removable media the biggest threat for business?

Is removable media the biggest threat for business?

Today’s razor-sharp, lightning-quick commercial world relies on rapid access to data. From established global corporations to tiny back-street start-ups, data management is now a crucial component of business success. 

This is because data is now one of the main building blocks of commercial activity. Control, storage and security of data have become vital aspects of a vast range of businesses from surf schools to IT consultancies.

That’s why the protection of data and the security of cyber traffic have risen to the top of many boardroom agendas. Keeping data safe from prying eyes is one of the cornerstones of modern business management.

Methods to protect company data can range from the simplest measures like a better padlock on the company back door to the latest most sophisticated cloud-based security platforms, like that offered by leading cyber security operators.

But there are still plenty of businesses that don’t believe the risks are relevant or important to them. They may still operate in a world of removable media where disks, sticks, and drives are the established way of moving data around the organization.

Portable data was used extensively before the rapid explosion of the internet. And the old-school use of removable media still persists in many organizations.

Since the era of transferring files on floppy discs, businesses have used physical devices to store and carry data. Staff may even carry portable data with them on travels for the company.