Is Microsoft Edge Free?

Is Microsoft Edge the same as Internet Explorer ?

When it comes to a web browser, one of the oldest in the market, has been the Internet Explorer. The humble browser has been the mainstay of Microsoft since the very beginning, but the moment competitors like Safari and Google Chrome came into the market, the humble Internet Explorer quickly conceded defeat. It came to a point where people who bought Microsoft PCs, used the Internet explorer for just one task – Downloading another browser.

Years passed, and soon, Microsoft introduced a new browser to replace Internet Explorer, and that browser was none other than Microsoft Edge. The Edge browser got a new logo, some visual changes, but remained the same Internet Explorer, at its heart.

Very soon, the trend returned, and after several months of complaints and dissatisfaction related to overall performance, the Microsoft Edge browser, just like its predecessors, became yet another medium to download a better web browser for the PC.

However, everything changed when news started circulating about Microsoft working on a new ‘Edge’ browser. Yes, we did see a fair share of jokes and jibes, but something about the tone of the announcement felt different.