iPhone 15 Pro Max Users Alarmed by Ghostly 'Burn-In' Issue

iPhone 15 Pro Max Users Alarmed by Ghostly ‘Burn-In’ Issue

Persistent Screen Image Retention Sparks Concerns

Image retention or ‘burn-in’ has made an unexpected return for some users of Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro Max. This issue, long associated with OLED panels, occurs when screen contents remain static for extended periods, leaving a lingering watermark of sorts. Modern OLED screens and devices have made significant strides in minimizing this risk in recent years, making it a relatively rare occurrence.

Although our iPhone 15 Pro Max review didn’t reveal any signs of screen burn-in, complaints from users, as reported by Phandroid and various online forums, suggest that the most expensive iPhone 15 model may be susceptible to this problem. Reports of image retention have surfaced on platforms like Reddit, X (formerly known as Twitter), and Apple’s official community discussion forums. Currently, it appears that the iPhone 15 Pro Max is the primary model affected, but the extent of this issue’s prevalence remains uncertain.