iPhone 15 Pro Max Teardown: Mixed Results and Repairability Woes

Apple's latest offering faces criticism for software-restricted parts and easily scratched titanium frame

iFixit, the renowned repairability website, has conducted an extensive teardown of the iPhone 15 Pro Max, revealing a blend of positive and negative aspects that have captured attention. Amidst the detailed analysis, the key point of contention remains Apple’s stringent “parts pairing” requirement, which continues to pose challenges for local repair shops. This requirement mandates that official components be ordered directly from Apple, and a phone call to a company representative is necessary before iOS accepts individual part replacements.

On the upside, iFixit commended Apple for reintroducing the “dual-entry” removable glass back cover in the iPhone 15 Pro models. This feature, initially introduced with the standard iPhone 14 line the previous year, has significant implications for consumers. “This marks a significant win for consumers as the cost of repairing the back glass on high-end models had previously reached exorbitant levels, sometimes amounting to as much as $550,” noted iFixit in its comprehensive teardown video.