Introducing Vision Pro: Apple's Game-Changing Visual Search Feature

Introducing Vision Pro: Apple’s Game-Changing Visual Search Feature

Visual Search Unveiled:

Discovered within the visionOS SDK by developer Steve Moser, Visual Search introduces an array of exciting features. Users will be able to effortlessly obtain more information about real-life objects simply by looking at them. This innovative app allows for the detection and interaction with text, including the ability to copy and paste printed text and translate it into 17 different languages. Furthermore, Visual Search enables users to load web addresses they encounter in the physical world and convert units from one system to another.

Apple’s Advantages:

While some similarities exist between Visual Search and Google Lens, Apple already possesses similar capabilities within its iOS ecosystem. iPhone users are familiar with features like Visual Lookup, which provides details about objects, Live Text for text interaction and translation, and QR code scanning. Visual Search will integrate these functionalities into a single app, seamlessly incorporating them into Vision Pro’s Spotlight search feature.