Interpol has issued a red alert for Terra stablecoin co-founder Do Kwon

Do Kwon, a Terraform Labs co-founder, has stated that he is not on the run after the collapse of the TerraUSD stablecoin, but Interpol seems to believe he is. According to South Korean news outlets Yonhap and The New York Times, South Korean authorities said that Interpol has issued a “red alert” requesting assistance from international law enforcement in finding and apprehending Kwon.

South Korea filed an arrest order for Kwon and five other people earlier this month, and prosecutors thought they were all in Singapore as recently as September 14th. According to the Financial Times, the Seoul Southern District Prosecutors’ Office requested that Interpol issue the red alert because Kwon was “clearly on the run and has no intention of appearing before us for interrogation.”

Kwon has publicly said that he is not attempting to flee. Kwon tweeted on September 17th, “I am not ‘on the run or anything close.” He returned to Twitter earlier this afternoon, after not posting in over a week, stating he is “making zero attempts to conceal.” Given Interpol’s red alert, Kwon may be more difficult to locate than he is letting on.

According to Interpol’s press office, the agency does not comment on particular instances or people, and the “majority” of red alerts are not made public. On Interpol’s website, you may check which notifications are public.