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Intel’s Future CPU Leaks Point to Promising Performance Upgrades

Recent leaks from various sources have shed light on Intel’s upcoming CPU offerings, hinting at significant performance enhancements and revealing intriguing details about the company’s future processor lineup. While these leaks should be taken with caution, they provide an exciting glimpse into what Intel might have in store.

Raptor Lake Refresh Performance Insights

Chinese tech reviewer leaks reportedly showcase Intel’s next-gen CPUs, known as Raptor Lake Refresh, set to launch in October. A sample of the Core i7-14700K (referred to as ‘13700KS’ to avoid takedowns) was tested, and results indicate notable improvements. The Core i7-14700K features 20 cores, an increase from its predecessor’s 16 cores. The CPU reportedly boasts a 200MHz higher boost speed, clocking in at 5.5GHz compared to the previous 5.3GHz.

Benchmark results reveal the Core i7-14700K’s superiority, with around a 4% single-core performance increase over the 13700K in CPU-Z tests. In multi-threaded workloads, such as Cinebench R23, the performance gap widens, ranging from 14.3% to 20.7%, promising improved multitasking capabilities.