Intel's CES 2024 Announcements: Transformative SOCs Bring AI, Gaming, and 'Living Room Experiences' to Cars

Intel’s CES 2024 Announcements: Transformative SOCs Bring AI, Gaming, and ‘Living Room Experiences’ to Cars

Intel made some big announcements at CES 2024 that could seriously upgrade your future ride. They’re bringing advanced AI and “living room experiences” into cars with new system-on-a-chip technology (SOCs).

These tiny SOCs will power insane in-vehicle features. We’re talking stuff like generative AI, high-def video calling, and even gaming while you cruise. It’s all thanks to Intel’s acquisition of an electric vehicle energy management company called Silicon Mobility.

Intel’s automotive boss talked about their “whole vehicle approach” to transform cars with AI across the board. They want to help steer the industry toward electric and more sustainable vehicles. The Silicon Mobility purchase helps Intel expand beyond traditional computing into smarter energy management.

One of the first carmakers that will get these souped-up Intel SOCs is Zeekr. They’ll be rolling out AI-powered living room experiences in their next gen vehicles.

Intel says they already provide the tech behind infotainment and digital displays in over 50 million cars today. Now they want to take it to the next level with AI and software-defined platforms.

At their CES demo, Intel showed the SOCs juggling advanced applications at once, like generative AI alongside gaming and video calls. It’s all about consolidating the tech and making it more efficient.

They’re even teaming up with standards bodies to establish open platforms for third parties to integrate custom chipsets. This will give automakers maximum flexibility to innovate on Intel’s foundations.

It’s an exciting play by Intel to become the AI brain powering our autonomous electric futures. They’re promising smarter, more sustainable vehicles that feel like your living room on wheels. Just don’t get too distracted by the video games and generative AI art while you’re driving!