Intel Unveils High-Core Count 'Emerald Rapids' Xeon Processor Aimed at Cloud-Native Workloads

Intel Unveils High-Core Count ‘Emerald Rapids’ Xeon Processor Aimed at Cloud-Native Workloads

Intel’s move to create a high-core count processor is in line with other major players in the industry, including AMD (with 128 cores), Amazon (with 64 cores), and Ampere (with 192 cores), who are all focusing on developing processors designed for cloud-native workloads.

Paul Alcorn, a writer at Tom’s Hardware, speculates that Intel may be using two chiplets, each containing 144 E-cores. However, he raises the possibility of Intel adding a third chiplet, which would result in a staggering 432 cores. In comparison, Intel’s previous attempt at manycore products, the Xeon Phi 7295, featured 72 cores and 288 threads.