Instagram's Co-Founders Launch Artifact, a Social AI-Powered Information App

Instagram’s Co-Founders Launch Artifact, a Social AI-Powered Information App

Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, the co-founders of Instagram, have returned with a new social app that has the potential to alter the way we consume information. Their most recent innovation, Artifact, combines machine intelligence and social networking to deliver a customised experience. The software not only refreshes your feed with things it believes you’ll like, but it also lets you follow other users and see what news stories they share.

Artifact analyses your chosen material and recommends related items based on machine learning algorithms. As Systrom explains, “What I saw was that every time we use machine learning to improve the consumer experience, things got really good really quickly.” The app will also have a social component, enabling users to comment on articles and engage in private chats about them.

According to Systrom, “machine learning is undeniably the coolest thing to work on right now.” He went on to say, “when it knows you’re into a certain topic, and it totally gets you, you’re like, ‘How is it that just some numbers multiplied together did that?’”

Despite earning over a billion dollars from the sale of Instagram, Systrom and Krieger remain enthusiastic about creating and developing creative products. According to the co-founders, they like developing code and producing things that others enjoy.

Artifact is currently accessible for iOS and Android, and the general public may join the beta by registering on the Artifact website with a phone number. Artifact is a hopeful development in this subject, with the emergence of AI and its potential to alter the way we interact with information.

Finally, the future of social and machine learning has here, and Artifact is at the forefront. Don’t miss out on this fantastic chance to be a part of the next social app revolution by joining the beta.

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