Instagram will soon include ‘channels’ similar to those seen on Telegram

Meta has decided to imitate a new messaging service called Telegram. Mark Zuckerberg recently demonstrated “broadcast channels,” a new Instagram feature that introduces one-way chat to the app. The tool is now being tested with a small group of authors, and the firm intends to extend Telegram-like capabilities to Facebook and Messenger as well.

Broadcast channels, like Telegram channels, enable producers to send updates directly to their followers’ inboxes. Individuals who join the channels may respond to messages and vote in polls, but they cannot actively engage in the discourse. For example, on his “Meta Channel,” Mark Zuckerberg said that he would utilise the area to “provide news and updates on all the products and tech we’re doing at Meta.” Creators may contribute audio snippets, images, and other information in addition to text updates.

For the time being, it seems that only Zuckerberg and approximately a dozen other artists have access to the tool. Snowboarder Chloe Kim, Jiu-Jitsu fighter Mackenzie Dern, and meme account Tank Sinatra are among the first to join. Those who are interested in utilising the function may sign up to be considered for early access, according to the business.

Despite Meta’s description of channels as a “test,” the firm seems to be quite committed in the functionality. Other capabilities, such as the option to add another creator to the conversation and have AMAs, are also in development. Meta intends to test the channels on Facebook and Messenger “in the next months.”