Wouldn’t it bee cool to scan someone’s body for disease or illness in, like, two seconds just like they did in Star Trek? What about Marty McFly’s hover board? Even if you’re not very athletic, you have to admit the idea of zooming around with nothing underneath you is pretty cool.

From driverless cars to super-strong metals that give adamantium a run for its money, all these fantasy and sci-fi inventions aren’t really sci-fi. They’re science. Yes, all of these things actually exist in one form or another.

Take the driverless car. It’s no secret that Google has been working on a driverless vehicle for some time now. What you might not realise is that they’re also moving to get these vehicles onto the public roads. And it’s not just Google, either. Many car manufacturers are experimenting with this technology to make vehicles safer.

The hover board? An invention called “Mag Surf” promises users a free-floating experience using superconductor magnetic levitation. But, possibly the coolest invention out of the bunch is the real-life tricorder that can scan the human body for illness in a matter of minutes. General Electric is calling it “VScan” and it’s already available to the medical field. It can find health issues without any invasive surgeries by analysing organs.

And then there’s the exoskeleton:

Insane Sci-Fi Inventions You Never Knew Existed.

Source: Wish.co.uk