Infinix Note 5 Review

Infinix Note 5 Review

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Smartphones today have reached a phase where everyone features everything, and the only differentiator is the marketing gimmicks that each brand puts forward to the public. The same market, which was dominated by a select few companies, has now become an open battlefield where anyone with the right idea can snatch a win. Among those players is Infinix. While seemingly operating from the shadows, this brand has put forth worthy contenders in the market, all of whom have garnered generally positive reviews for their reliable performance and overall decent feature set. While the outreach and marketing could use a bump up, the brand has come forward with yet another offering in the form of the Infinix Note 5. A direct successor to the Infinix Note 4, the Note 5 is a definite step up in almost all respects. Just how much better is it, and how does it hold up against the rest of the competition?


Design and Display 

Infinix has been known for their sleek design and robust build quality, so much so that many of their devices have been compared to the more premium handsets in the market, despite the fact that Inifinix phones cost almost a quarter of the premium class phones today. With the Note 5, the company just took a quantum leap forward in terms of design and build. The all plastic mould has been replaced by one which has a glass back and a polycarbonate rim.

The finishing on the rear glass is super elegant and will leave most people craving a second glance. the curve on the body makes it easy to grip the device easily despite the 6-inch display, making it truly portable. Overall, it seems to me that the Note 5 is the prettiest looking phone on Infinix’s portfolio, and if this is the direction they are headed, its the right one.

Coming to the display, the Infinix Note 5 features a 6-inch FHD+ display with a resolution of 1080 x 2160 pixels. The whole display is end to end with no bezels, giving you access to more content compared to the same 6-inch setup with bezels. Media playback and sunlight legibility are great but could use minor tweaking to hit the bullseye. There is no blue light filter on the Note 5 display which makes long-term viewing slightly uncomfortable.