In the first trailer, They Cloned Tyrone's onto something insane

In the first trailer, They Cloned Tyrone’s onto something insane

Everyone with even a smidgeon of common sense understands that Black people have plenty of reasons not to trust the government or the cops scouring their communities in Netflix’s new sci-fi comedy The Cloned Tyrone by filmmaker Juel Taylor. Some of these factors, such as police violence and harassment, are self-evident. The true danger that everyone faces in They Cloned Tyrone’s first trailer is a little more hidden and devious since it’s something that few people would believe.

They Cloned Tyrone follows Yo-Yo (Teyonah Parris), Slick (Jamie Foxx), and Fontaine (John Boyega), three unlikely friends who are brought together by their discovery of a massive, secret government surveillance plan to monitor the lives of Black people before disappearing and replacing them with clones. It’s difficult to determine from the trailer of They Cloned Tyrone what the eventual purpose of kidnapping people is, or how three conspiracy theorists are meant to take down such an organization on their own. But it seems like They Cloned Tyrone will have a great time reminding folks what the notion of keeping awake truly means when it arrives on Netflix on December 30th.