In California, a hyperloop testing tunnel has been demolished; the site will be turned into a parking lot

According to recent media sources, the test facility created for Hyperloop technology experiments has been demolished for an unclear cause. Tesla CEO Elon Musk proposed hyperloop technology, which allows for speedier transport in airless tubes, about a decade ago. Since then, multibillionaire firms have been vying to test and implement a Hyperloop-based transportation system.

The Hyperloop testing facility, which was situated on Jack Northrop Avenue, included a one-mile-long tube with a 12-foot width. The above-ground tunnel served as a functional prototype for what would be constructed below in order to provide speedier travel without encountering obstacles such as traffic or extra drag.

The site where the tunnel was built will now be utilised as a parking lot.

It’s also worth noting that the Hyperloop testing was held near SpaceX’s headquarters in Hawthorne. SpaceX is a space exploration business formed in 2002 by Elon Musk with the goal of lowering the cost of space exploration travel. With lower space flight costs, Elon Musk hopes to achieve his objective of Mars settlement.

Elon Musk’s Boring Company was the primary builder of the mile-long tunnel in California. The business previously claimed that it could transport passengers underground at speeds of up to 600 miles (965 kilometres per hour). It also said in April 2022 that full-scale testing of the Hyperloop would commence this year.

Although there was an earlier intention to send magnetically levitating shuttles through almost airless tubes, that concept was discarded due to too many complexities involved in the operation, and delays in the project rendered it an extremely expensive undertaking. The concept to operate magnetically levitating shuttles was scrapped in favour of tunnels that can only accommodate Tesla vehicles.

According to the proposal, Tesla vehicles will be able to access a network of tunnels under a city and drive to any section of the city or the surrounding area without having to worry about what is occurring on the highways. Elon Musk previously lamented the failure of transportation networks. The business is now working on constructing a network of tunnels under the city of Las Vegas. Due to a variety of issues, plans to create comparable tunnel systems in Los Angeles and Chicago have been cancelled.