Hyundai Unleashes Ioniq 5 N with Meaner Edge via N Performance Parts

Ford has ST upgrades, BMW flaunts its M gear, and now Hyundai is expanding its N performance portfolio too. The automaker unveiled modded concepts at the Tokyo Auto Salon to showcase new N accessories.

Hyundai’s modified all-electric Ioniq 5 N sedan, dubbed the “NPX1,” looks ready to devour the track with its aggressive body kit. A sharp front splitter, bulging side skirts, rear diffuser, and massive carbon fiber wing build on the standard model’s slick looks. Performance springs lower the ride height while upgraded brake pads and wheels shave precious pounds. Hyundai confirms it will launch the full range of Ioniq 5 N accessories later this year. And more N performance parts are coming for all Hyundai’s sporty N models.




Lexus also revealed a souped-up electric SUV concept in Tokyo ? a limited production version of its first EV, the RZ450e. Only 100 units of the F Sport Performance model will be built. Japanese customers can enter a lottery to snag one of the exclusive performance crossovers.

Like Hyundai’s creation, Lexus’ RZ flaunts a plethora of aerodynamic add-ons like splitters, diffusers, and rear spoilers. A sports suspension, 21-inch wheels, and two-tone paint job round out the upgrades. But there’s no extra output from the dual 201HP motor powertrain. This is a strictly cosmetic affair to give Lexus’ new electric SUV some visual sizzle.




As automakers continue their electric transition, expect even more brands to follow Hyundai and Lexus’ lead. Performance accessories are an easy way to inject excitement into EVs while avoiding the complexity of engineering hardware tweaks. So get ready for even more tarted-up electric models boasting bold looks to catch car buyers’ eyes.