HyAxiom Unveils PureCell 400: World's First 100% Hydrogen-Powered Commercial Fuel Cell at CES 2024

HyAxiom Unveils PureCell 400: World’s First 100% Hydrogen-Powered Commercial Fuel Cell at CES 2024

Hydrogen fuel cells just got an exciting upgrade thanks to HyAxiom’s new PureCell 400 model unveiled at CES 2024. This bad boy is the world’s first and only commercially available fuel cell running on 100% hydrogen – no fossil fuels involved!

Here’s why this is such a big deal. Hydrogen fuel cells generate electricity through a chemical reaction, not combustion, so they don’t spew out nasty emissions. The only byproducts are water and usable heat. Too good to be true, right?

Well the catch has always been needing fossil fuels like natural gas to extract the hydrogen in the first place. But the PureCell 400 flips the script. It can operate completely on pure hydrogen alone, making it a truly clean power solution.

With 440kW of all-hydrogen power, this fuel cell is ready to light up warehouses, hospitals, office buildings – you name it. HyAxiom says it’s up to 90% efficient, which is wild. Any excess heat gets captured for heating buildings or processes too, so nothing goes to waste.

Now I know what you’re thinking – where are we gonna get all this hydrogen?! Great question. HyAxiom’s got us covered there too. They’ve developed an electrolyzer that can extract hydrogen straight from H2O using renewable electricity.

This electrolyzer is super efficient and can be scaled up easily just by adding more units. So you can create as much green hydrogen as you need to power the PureCell! It’s the perfect match.

HyAxiom is actually demoing the electrolyzer at CES – pretty rad way to showcase the future of hydrogen tech. They’re also displaying hydrogen fuel cells for ships, since maritime rules are getting stricter on emissions.

The PureCell 400 proves we have the tech to make hydrogen power a reality today, not someday down the road.