Huawei reveals a smartwatch with wireless earphones integrated in

As handy as wireless earbuds might be, you must usually take a case with you to store and charge them. Wouldn’t you rather have more money in your pocket? Huawei believes so. According to The Register, the Chinese company has teased a Watch Buds wristwatch with headphones that charge under the clock. Official information will have to wait since the business has postponed today’s winter consumer launch event, but there are already some hints as to how this unusual design will operate.

According to photographs acquired by Huawei Central, the earphones connect to the bottom of the dial and sit in recesses when the watch is closed. The style is comparable to the Watch GT series, with a steel case and leather band, and it is said to run Huawei’s in-house HarmonyOS. While the specifications aren’t accessible, it wouldn’t be shocking if the watch contains a huge battery to power both itself and the buds.

Meanwhile, an early hands-on video from QSQTechnology reveals that the earphones are attached to the watch through magnets. The design of the buds is nondescript, and they don’t seem to be very pleasant – this is more about convenience than anything else.

It is unclear when Huawei will publicly introduce the Watch Buds, nor which countries will get them. Given Huawei’s persona non grata status, we wouldn’t bet on a US launch. However, it would not be strange if the design had a market. In addition to your wristwatch, you wouldn’t need to carry anything else to listen to music while out walking, and you wouldn’t ever have to worry about losing a charging case.