Huawei Nova Plus Review

Huawei Nova Plus Review

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One of their better attempts at setting the market alight , was the Huawei Nova Plus. It does look a bit different to the eye when you see a Huawei device sporting a non Honor branding , but Huawei has been doing this in the past as well, so its not really a new turn.

The Huawei Nova Plus is a device you can easily relate to the Mate series, with a lot of attention being given to the camera setup here. Was the Nova Plus good enough to leave a dent? Lets find out –


The Huawei Nova Plus features a mix of several design elements from the Huawei lineup of old, with a few refinements and additions. Huawei has made sure that while the smaller Nova shares its DNA with the P9 in terms of design, the larger and more premium Nova Plus features more of the Mate Design language. By doing this, Huawei has given its customers two premium designs in an affordable package.

So, on the Nova Plus, we have an all metal body ( made out of airplane grade aluminium ), and I must say, the device is surprisingly light at 162 grams. Huawei have also included the 2.5D curved glass to the mix and given the Nova Plus a nice little touch, considering how often the 2.5 D displays are making an appearance these days. The bezels are slim, allowing Huawei to accommodate the 5.5 inch display in a rather compact frame. Ofcourse, being a phablet, the amount of compact is not exactly a lot, but trust me, the Nova Plus has been designed to look like a truly premium device.

The controls on the device are pretty standard for a Huawei Device, complete with the hybrid Sim solution. For those of you who don’t know what I mean, in  hybrid Sim solution, the second Sim slot can double as a MicroSD slot, so in case you are someone who bought this device, but has only one SIM card, you can use the other slot as a MicroSD slot for memory expansion. Dedicated slots are always better, but this technology seems to be catching up these days.