How you can fix the 'Feed Not Loading' error on Instagram

How you can fix the ‘Feed Not Loading’ error on Instagram

Instagram has grown to become the most popular social media platform in the market today. What started off as a medium to share images, has now evolved to include various types of content including videos, GIFs, and even stickers.

Content creators and celebrities use Instagram to promote their work and connect with their followers. But the most important use of Instagram is to relay the latest news about current events. News channels now operate dedicated Instagram handles to get the latest news content out to the public, and since the majority of the users are on Instagram, they tend to connect with this content first.

However, there are cases where the Instagram feed does not load, and this can lead to delay in communication and even miscommunication in many cases.

In this tutorial, we will give you the 3 BEST solutions to fix the Instagram feed not loading error.

Solution 1. Check if Instagram servers are facing an outage.

The best thing to do first is to check if there is a real outage on Instagram. The best place to do this is on the Down Detector website. The down detector will tell you the live status of the servers of all major websites, and from there, you can see for yourself if there is an outage. If so, then the Instagram feed not loading error will be fixed automatically when the servers come back on.