How to use the split screen view on your Mac

How to use the split screen view on your Mac

Split View is your buddy if you want to work with two programs side by side on a Mac computer. You could, of course, manually resize the two programs. However, enabling Split View will accomplish this for you automatically, saving you time.

Another advantage of Split View is that it temporarily hides all of your other windows. That means you won’t mistakenly close your windows, causing other items to appear to cover them up. If you need to go to anything else, just quit Split View.

Split View requires the usage of two programs that support Split View on macOS. Many of them will be Apple-developed applications, such as Maps and Photos. The more you utilize the functionality, the clearer it becomes about what is and isn’t compatible.

Let’s take a look at how you can use the split view feature on your Mac and enhance your productivity.

Step 1. Open an application you want to use with a split view and right-click on the green maximize button on the top left-hand side of the application window (for this tutorial, we are starting things off with Apple Maps).