Guide to Uninstall Tor Browser and Get it Deleted Permanently 2021

What is Tor Browser?

Firstly, we will cover what is tor browser and why do we need a tor browser if we have browsers like Firefox and Chrome.

We all have access to the internet, but Google, Microsoft, Bing, and all online sites that you can access are just 10% of the internet called the clear web. Rest 90% of the internet is prohibited because their stuff is illegal and not authorized to operate on the clear web.

In simple words, if a website is indexed in Google and other search engines, then they are a part of clear internet, and if not, then it may be inside a dark or deep web.

To access the Deep or Dark web, you need a special browser, and Tor is the special browser for that stuff. You can download tor browser from the official website of Tor.

Benefits of a Tor Browser

Tor browser is specially developed for accessing the darker side of the internet. Of course, we are not allowed to access the dark and deep web, but we humans are nasty and do whatever is prohibited.

Accessing the Deep/ Dark web is easy, and it will hardly take 5 minutes to access them, but you have a Tor browser installed and a powerful VPN for an extra layer of security and safety on the Dark web.

Tor browser hides the real location from where you accessed the dark web.

You can easily surf hidden onion sites on the dark web, and there is nothing called .com or .uk extensions. Instead, they all work with onion extension.

How to Uninstall Tor Browser?

It is always recommended to uninstall tor browser if you are not accessing the dark web or deep web. Whenever you finish scrolling the dark web, then never leave your tor browser on your computer. You should always remove the tor browser from your computer, and you should always delete all files associated with the Tor browser from the recycle bin.

Here are the steps to delete or uninstall tor browser.

Uninstall Tor Browser from Windows 10

If you are using windows 10 laptop then you can easily remove the tor browser with the conventional method of control panel. But within this post we will provide you in-depth tutorial for Tor browser uninstall procedure in such a way that all cookies and track files will get deleted forever.

  1. Right click on the Tor icon located on your desktop
  2. Select Properties >> Open Location
  3. Once you reach the root folder where Tor browser was installed.
  4. Delete the entire folder from the directory and get everything removed from the recycle to remove tor browser from Windows 10
  5. This is the best way to remove tor browser from Windows 10


Uninstall Tor Browser from Windows 8

Windows 8 users can avail the facility of powerful system restore that comes with Windows 8 and can easily remove tor browser from it.

1. On the bottom left of your laptop screen, you’ll see a text area Type here to search. Click on it and then search for System Restore.

2. Once System Restore window is opened, select the date when you had no trace of Tor Browser

3. After Date Selection click on Next and follow the on-screen instruction until it says restart PC.

4. Restart Your Desktop.

5. You successfully removed Tor Browser from Windows 8


Uninstall Tor Browser from Windows 7

If you are a windows 7 user then you should get it uninstalled from the control panel and we have listed the steps for the same. Just follow the steps and you’ll be able to delete all leftover and tor files from windows 7 permanently.

  1. Go to Start menu by clicking on the Start tab on the left bottom of your laptop screen.
  2. Open the Control Panel
  3. Search for Tor Browser from the list of installed software and Applications.
  4. Click on the Tor browser and click on Uninstall
  5. Follow on screen instructions and it will be deleted from your Windows 7 laptop.


How to Uninstall Tor Browser on Mac

uninstall tor browser from mac

For Mac users, the uninstall procedure is slightly different than the Windows. If you are on Mac then read on the guide to uninstall tor from Mac.

  1. First of all, you have to Quit Tor Browser otherwise it won’t get deleted permanently. Go to Dock Panel and right click on the Tor icon >> Select Quit
  2. Now, you need to remove tor browser from the Application folder
  3. Once its deleted from your Mac, you will have to remove all cookies and leftovers from the below directories

~/Library/Application Support/TorBrowser-Data
~/Library/Preferences/org.mozilla.tor browser.plist
~/Library/Saved Application State/org.mozilla.tor browser.savedState
~/Library/Saved Application State/org.torproject.torbrowser.savedState

  1. If you perform all the above steps, tor will get deleted permanently from your Mac.

People Also Ask (FAQ)

How to Remove Tor Browser Launcher?

Tor launcher is basically the executable file of Tor. If you want to remove it, you just need to remove it from the root directory of the installed Tor Browser and then get your recycle bin cleaned. Once you perform these steps, you won’t see tor launcher again.

Can’t find tor Browser to Uninstall

Sometimes its hard to find the tor browser files because of the nature of the application. First of all, you have to show all hidden files inside your PC.  Right click on the Tor icon on the desktop and then select Properties >> Open File Location

From the new window you’ll be inside the Tor Root Folder. Just remove it and you are free from Tor.

Tor Browser not Showing in Control Panel

Of course, you can’t find tor on control panel as this is bundle program that let you access deep and dark web without installing application. Just download Tor Browser and unzip it.  If you want to delete it then just right click on the extracted folder and delete.

Does Tor Keep History

Normally they don’t keep history but for the safety reason always delete folders inside root directory of Tor browser so it won’t misuse your history or other confidential data.

Tor Uninstall Command

Simply run the below command on Linux and it will get removed.
sudo apt remove –purge tor torbrowser-launcher

Tor Browser install Location

Once you download the tor browser then the location of the torbrowser-install-8.0. 8_en-USTor will be same where it was downloaded. You just need to extract the zip file.

Usually, the location is C:\desktop\tor-browser.exe

How do I remove Tor Browser from my Mac?

Mac users can remove Tor browser from the Application Tab and then removing all the deleted files from the trash. This is the simplest way to get rid of Tor browser from Mac.

How to Uninstall tor Browser so that I can reinstall it

Tor browser is a self-extractable zip file that lets you access deep web. Tor browser saves all its data like cookies, history inside the same folder where it was extracted.