How to Uninstall Overwatch | Blizzard Game Uninstall Process

Uninstall Overwatch

If you are a gamer then you might have heard the name Blizzard. Blizzard is a popular gaming platform through which you can play popular games like overwatch and Call Outs and many more with an ease. There are many mods manager ( Technic Launcher and Nexus Mod Manager) available in the market to let you play games with good experience. But depending upon the system configuration, sometimes Blizzard games can create troubles for your system by taking extra space for the smooth execution of the game files. Some games are very addictive like Overwatch and it slows down your computer. If you are not that familiar with technical stuff then uninstalling this game will blow your mind. Here is the complete step by step guide on how to uninstall Overwatch completely.


Why You Can’t Uninstall Overwatch Easily?

It’s obvious that some apps and games are very sticky and if you try to delete them permanently from the system, they leave some residual files on your laptop and that’s enough to make your laptop run slow.

If you have Blizzard installed on your system then you might have lots of games installed on the same platform. All games installed under blizzard creates a deep director to save game progress and log files and the worst part of it is, you can’t delete them even if you successfully uninstalled the Blizzard games (Overwatch)

We are going to cover the conventional and the effective way to uninstall Overwatch. If you have zero tech knowledge then you should follow as we go.

Steps to Uninstall Overwatch

  1. Open the Blizzard application installed on your system. You can click on the start tab and then search for Blizzard.

    overwatch game

  2. Once the Blizzard is opened, you’ll see lots of games installed under it.
  3. From the list of installed games, search for Overwatch and click on it.
  4. Select Options available on the top centre of the game logo. Once you click on it, you’ll get lots of functional tabs like Scan and Repair, Game Settings and at last you’ll see an option to Uninstall Game.

uninstall overwatch game

5. You’ll get a warning message while uninstalling Overwatch, just click Yes, Uninstall

uninstall confirmation overwatch

6. It will take a few minutes and Overwatch will be completely removed from your PC.

Remove Left Over Files and Directories After Uninstalling Overwatch

Any program that gets installed on your PC, leaves a trace of it by leaving left over files after uninstalling. Sometimes leftover from different software makes your CPU run slow so it’s always recommended to follow this step of removing leftovers every month to free additional space on your hard disks.

Removing Overwatch trash left overs are easy if you know the exact location of the files. Here is the complete list of directories where you may have installed Overwatch under Blizzard.

C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\Blizzard Entertainment\Overwatch\


C:\Documents and Settings\Local Settings\Temp

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Blizzard Entertainment\overwatch

C:\Program Files\Overwatch


C:\Program Files (x86)\Overwatch

I have listed all possible directories where Overwatch may have left some left over files and directories. Just search for the directories and delete all files and subfolders under it.

Once you finish with the deletion procedure, don’t forget to empty your recycle bin.

You might have lots of other questions related to uninstalling procedure for Overwatch. We have FAQ related to different problems and issues for Overwatch. Have a look to below frequently asked questions and check out the solution.

If your problem is not listed under FAQ then you can contact us and we will get the problem resolved for you and add the same query under our FAQ so others will get benefited too.


People Also Ask (FAQ)

How do I uninstall overwatch?

There are basically two ways. The first one is explained in depth just above the FAQ section and if you want an automated method to uninstall overwatch then you need a professional uninstaller software.


How to Uninstall PTR Overwatch

The process of uninstalling PTR overwatch is quite simple. Just open the Blizzard app and select PTR Overwatch from the list. Once the PTR Overwatch is selected, you’ll see a drop-down menu. Select Uninstall from the list and follow the on-screen instructions.


How to Uninstall Overwatch Test?

Overwatch PTR or test is basically an ability of Overwatch game to check and experience the gaming experience before playing the actual game. This is basically a training platform where you can select different heroes and check their abilities so you won’t stuck in Overwatch.

Once you become comfortable in Overwatch PTR or test then you can uninstall Overwatch test and start installing the Overwatch.

You need to go to blizzard app and then search for Overwatch PTR. You can uninstall it using the drop-down menu of the game and then you can continue with the uninstalling game from the on-screen instructions.


Does Uninstalling Overwatch Delete Progress?

Nope, the game progress is saved under a different folder and its safe from uninstallation process. If you need to keep your Overwatch game progress saved then don’t delete the game directories after uninstalling.


If I Uninstall Overwatch Will I Lose Everything

No, you won’t lose anything until you keep a backup for your game progress. Overwatch progress is also saved under your logged in account. Every time you log in to your Overwatch account, you’ll have to play Overwatch from where you left.


How to Uninstall and Reinstall Overwatch?

Uninstalling procedure is quite simple. Open Blizzard>>Overwatch>>Dropdown>>Uninstall Game. And if you want to reinstall Overwatch then you should have blizzard app i.e., desktop application. Open the blizzard app and then click on Overwatch, you’ll get an option to install. Just click on it and it will start downloading game.


How to Uninstall Overwatch but Keep the Settings?

Uninstall the Overwatch from the Blizzard Desktop application but don’t delete anything else. It is not recommended to use any 3rd party uninstall software as this will remove all residual files and folders.


How to Cleanly Uninstall Overwatch?

If you would like to uninstall Overwatch completely then you have to remove anything associated with this game including registry entries, temp data and the main installation.


How to Uninstall Overwatch During Update?

First, you need to close the Blizzard application from the task manager and then open it again. This will stop the update. Open the Blizzard app again and click on Overwatch. From here go to options and select the uninstall Game.


If I Uninstall Overwatch Do I Lose My Character?

Nope. You’ll never lose any character as all your game progress is saved on cloud servers as well as on your installed system. Once you reinstall Overwatch, you’ll get the same characters.


Overwatch is Still Installed in Windows Won’t Forcibly Uninstall

If you face such an issue then you just need to restart your PC under Safe mode and then try to uninstall the Overwatch from the Blizzard application.