[Guide] How to Uninstall OMACP and Remove it Permanently from VIVO

How to Remove OMACP in VIVO

If you have a VIVO device and you are noticing any unusual activity, then it must surely be infected with the OMACP virus. VIVO devices are among the common android devices which get infected with OMACP virus. But do not worry, we are here with the solution to your problem. We will guide you on how you can easily remove the OMACP from your Vivo android mobiles. So let’s get started.


Steps to Kill OMACP Virus on Vivo Mobiles

As soon as you know that your Vivo device is infected with the OMACP virus, it’s better to remove it on a first-priority basis. Further delay can cause more damage to your device and can also lead to permanent damage.

You have to follow these steps to kill the OMACP Virus.

  1. Make a backup of all your necessary data.
  2. Then go to the setting of your Vivo device.
  3. In the Settings, you will find an Apps section.
  4. Open the Apps option and then search for Message.
  5. When you open the Message, you have to go to the storage of the application, where you will notice an unusual consumption of space on the device.
  6. Click on the clear option, and you will remove the OMACP virus from your Vivo device.

This was all about removing OMACP from the Vivo device. So now, you can easily kill the virus from your device.