Uninstall OMACP from Samsung Galaxy S6 [Powerful Fix]

Remove OMACP on Samsung Galaxy S6

It doesn’t matter which mobile brand you are using, OMACP can harm you if you can’t get it removed from your device. VIVO users are the most affected by OMACP.

Android devices are most preferably at risk of virus attack, and so is the Samsung Galaxy S6. One of the most common viruses that are seen nowadays is OMACP Virus, which is also found in Samsung Galaxy S6. Here we are going to explain how you can tackle this virus and remove it from your device. So read and find out.


Process to Remove OMACP from Samsung Galaxy S6

To remove OMACP from your Samsung Galaxy S6 device, follow the process given below:

  1. First and foremost, backup all the necessary data of your Samsung Galaxy S6 device. Keep the data in a secure place like cloud storage or the storage of your laptop or PC.
  2. After saving all the data, switch off your device and search for the application that must be infected with the virus. Switching off the device will also prevent any further damage.
  3. Once you are ready, turn on your Samsung Galaxy S6 and then go to the Settings of the device. In Settings, you will find an Apps option. Open the Apps options and search for the Message app.
  4. OMACP virus generally infects the message application of the devices. So go inside the Message application and click on Storage.
  5. After that, click on the Delete option to clear all the storage as well as the OMACP from your device.

So this was the simple and entire process that you need to follow to remove OMACP from your Samsung Galaxy S6 mobile.