How to Uninstall Kingroot Completely and Keep Root

What is Kingroot

KingRoot is well known and popular system rooting app for Android devices. It uses the exploit of SuperUser (SU) binary vulnerability to root Android phones and tablets, in a very short time and simple way. KingRoot is an all-in-one rooting tool with capabilities to root any android device (KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow… etc) with just one click.

How Does it Work?

KingRoot app uses a “systemless root” approach. It means the process is done without touching your files, settings, or data by adding a su binary to /system partition. In this way, it can be easily uninstalled when you no longer require rooting your device with superuser access rights.

This type of root is also known as “Soft Root“. It has an advantage in that no system reboot is required after rooting and you need not worry about breaking your phone’s warranty.

Also, the application provides a wide range of features like System Cleaner, Memory Booster, Cache Cleaner, Ads Blocker… etc

How is KingRoot different from other Android Rooting Tools?

KingRoot offers an alternative solution for people who want to root their devices but are unable to do so because of certain issues. The developers behind KingRoot have always aimed at helping users who don’t know much about rooting and how it works. Their sole purpose is to root the device but in a very safe and simple manner. KingRoot is a very popular rooting app and in the process of being used by so many people, it has been accused by a lot of folks for not being a genuine root app. They have also been accused of sending data to China which according to many people is a security threat.

But since KingRoot doesn’t come from Google Play Store, you have to follow a series of steps yourself if you wish to install it on your smartphone.

Pros and cons of using Kingroot


1. Kingroot is a mobile app that allows you to root your Android device

2. Downloading and installing Kingroot will allow you to modify your device’s system files

3. With the help of this app, you can do anything from access hidden settings in your phone to install custom ROMs

4. This app has been downloaded over 10 million times and it’s free!


1. The only downside is that rooting your Android device will void the warranty on it

2. Rooting may cause some devices to malfunction because it changes the Android system files.


Why You Should Uninstall KingRoot?

KingRoot is a root app that gives users temporary root access to a device. It is a nice app but it has some issues related to the security of your phone. Also, once you install kingroot on PC or mobile, it will stay on your device and keep asking for updates even if you don’t want them.

It saves data from your phone and sends it back to their server as well as collects other data such as IMEI number.

You should uninstall Kingroot once you root your smartphone using any method such as Framaroot, TowelRoot, etc. if you want to use the phone securely.

How to Delete KingRoot Permanently?

Uninstalling king root is not an easy task because it does not appear on the app menu and users don’t know that where to go. Also, It saves data on your device without worrying about compromising its security.

There are two versions of KingRoot available, one for PC and another for Mobile devices. This post is to guide you on how to uninstall King Root from pc or mobile device completely.

The procedure for uninstalling the KingRoot system app varies depending on whether you root your android device with the PC version or the mobile version of KingRoot.

How to Uninstall Kingroot from PC


To uninstall KingRoot completely from your PC you need to use a third-party software tool like “Root explorer” (download and install it), which is used for root file browsing and editing. With this app, you can easily uninstall KingRoot system app(s) from your windows pc.

Note that this is a paid app, but you can also use some other free tools like “ES file explorer” or “X-plore”.

I’ll explain using Root explorer for this purpose:

  1. Open root explorer and go to the directory \system\app (navigate to system/app/ king root here you will find one or more files with the name: king*, open each of them and note the list of the app under the same directory (It contains only some of them, as there are many other system apps that cannot be uninstalled).
  2.  Now click on the menu button at the top left (3 dots, vertical ellipsis), and select the “remove root” option.
  3.  This will open the next screen (namely uninstall root confirmation dialog box). Here you must choose “yes”, to complete uninstall process. The app will be uninstalled in a few seconds and the KingRoot system app will no longer exist on your PC.

The same procedure can be used for uninstalling King User if you have it installed on your PC. To uninstall KingUser just navigate to the directory \system\app, open userking* app file(s) one by one, and choose the “remove root” option as described above.

Note that some versions of kinguser may not install any files under the \system\app directory, so you would not find anything there.

You are done! Now reboot your PC for changes to take effect. You can also see if all kingroot apps work fine after rebooting or not. If everything seems to be working ok then congratulations! You have finally removed king root from pc completely without leaving any trace behind.


How to Uninstall Kingroot from Android Mobile


If you root your Android device with KingRoot mobile version, then uninstall can be done very easily with one tap. The most convenient way to remove KingRoot app is by using the “Kinguser” app which has an option to uninstall other apps as well (in case of multi-rooting). Here is how it looks like:

  1.  Launch Kinguser and select the “uninstall system app” tab. Now click on kingroot and install king user (if not installed) and log in with your credentials (a new id will be generated for installing kinguser, do not use your old id here as there may be conflict in some versions).
  2. Once logged into the application, click on the uninstall button next to king root at the top of the screen.
  3.  Now reboot your device and it will be uninstalled from your mobile completely. You can then use any other rooting app to have a more updated Android OS version on your phone. For example, if you were using kingroot 4.0 when Android 5 was the latest, you can now install a new updated rooting app in order to get updated android OS for rooted phones with all-new features and enhanced performance.

So this is how you uninstall KingRoot! I hope the article has been helpful enough for you guys, until next time take care and stay tuned